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Cool Music Card 3.45

Cool Music Card will help you create personalized multimedia greeting cards
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Chunyi Yan

Cool Music Card will help you create personalized multimedia greeting cards. A series of steps will take you through the process of including background, music, pictures and Flash files to compose your card. There is also a full-fledged editor that will help you create formatted text. Finally, the results may be exported to an executable file or sent as an email attachment.
The interface is mediocrely designed, which is definitely a poor introduction for an application specialized in creating graphics. Although it has been translated into English, some buttons lack proper captions. This language issue is even worse in the supporting documents, which are written in unintelligible English.
The main advantage of this application is that it really creates standalone cards in the form of executable files. In this respect, they can be viewed by the recipient without any special software requirements.
In addition, the program should have taken into account that not everybody has good elements or intuition for proper design. Including built-in templates could have made creating cards much easier.
Finally, my consideration is that no matter how poor this application may be, it is your work that will ultimately decide the quality of the results.

Belkis Díaz
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Review summary


  • It creates multimedia cards
  • It is easy to use
  • It creates standalone postcards


  • The interface is poorly designed
  • It does not include templates
  • The translation into English is poor
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